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“2017年5月25日「モバイル英語学習」第411号(小学校英語教育): HRT/ALT Meeting an ALT

Meeting an ALT


① Listen to the conversation and read along silently
② Now take the part of the homeroom teacher while listening to the conversation.
③ Now listen to the conversation and take the part of the ALT.

HRT Hello, my name is Suzuki.
ALT My name is Terence. Pleased to meet you.
HRT Is that your last name?
ALT No, it’s my first name. My last name is Stamp.
HRT I see. What should I call you?
ALT Please call me Terry. It’s my nickname, but everyone calls me that.
What should I call you?
HRT Please call me Suzuki.
ALT Okay, Suzuki!
HRT No! Suzuki is my last name!
ALT Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Suzuki!
HRT That’s okay. We don’t really use our first names at work.

(a) name + is → na mis
(b) should + I → shoul dI
(c) Pleased + to → Please to (the d in Pleased is almost silent)
(d) that + your → tha chour

(by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2017年4月2日「モバイル英語学習」第408号(小学校英語教育):Rhyming Words

All these words rhyme. That means that they have the same last sound. Try to pronounce them correctly.

Brown cow now.
Cut nut but.
Cat sat mat.
Sit bit hit.

Sometimes the spelling is different, but the sound is the same. All the following groups of words rhyme:

Who knew you flew?

Son won one sun.

Enough tough stuff.

I’ll smile aisle.

Pale male veil.

More store floor.

(by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)