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2015年6月15日「モバイル英語学習」第 299 号(英語のなぞなぞ ): What Am I?

somebody ある人;
nobody だれでもない;
forwards 前方へ;
backwards 後方へ、逆に;
1.What two words have the most letters?
2.If you look at my front, I am somebody, but if you look at my back, I am nobody. What am I?
3.What goes around the world but stays in one corner?
4.Forwards I’m heavy, but backwards I’m not. What am I?
5.What has four legs but can’t walk?

2014年8月30日「モバイル英語学習」第259号(なぞなぞ ): Tourism Quizzes!

1.Which country has the most World Heritages sites?
2.Which is the most popular country for international tourists?
3.Which means of transportation is generally regarded as the safest?
4.Who are the world’s best tourists?
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2014年7月6日「モバイル英語学習」第252号(なぞなぞ): How much do you know about family names in the world?

今回は、世界の名字についてのクイズに挑戦してみましょう! URLをクリックして、答えと解説の確認ができます。
(1) Which country in the world has most family names?
(2) Which of the following countries has the fewest family names?
The United States, China, Japan, Korea
(3) About how many family names are there in Japan?
(4) What is the most common family name in China?
(5) What is the most common family name in Japan?

2014年4月26日「モバイル英語学習」第242号(なぞなぞ ): Who am I?

1. What begins with T, ends with T, and is full of T?
2. What is full of holes and still holds water?
3. I am something that is too much for me, enough for two, but nothing at all for three. What am I?.
4. The longer she stands, the lower she grows.
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