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2015年 10月 25日「モバイル英語学習」第 317 号(英語の豆知識 ):Does “San” = Mr/Ms?

Britons イギリス人;
Kiwis: 《口語》 ニュージーランド人;
off the top of someones’s head パッと浮かぶ

If you’re a learner of English or Japanese, did you learn that Mr./Ms. in English is equal to “san” in Japanese? I think that they are different. In most situations in which Japanese people call someone by their family name plus “san,” Americans, Britons, Canadians, Australians, and Kiwis call each other by their first name. I think “san” is more casual than Mr./Ms. Then, what expression in Japanese is similar to Mr./Ms? I think it’s “sama.” “San” is a friendly way of calling people, while “sama” is more formal. This is just off the top of my head, so I’d like to hear what you think. (written by a reader, edited by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2015年8月10日「モバイル英語学習」第 307号(英語の豆知識): 発音を間違えやすい英単語


squirrel(リス), penguin(ペンギン), sixth(6番目), rural(いなかの), choir (教会の聖歌隊), height(高さ), recipe(レシピ)

日本人学生にとっては、特に下記の単語の発音は難しいそうです。発音してみてください: very, zoo


2015年2月7日「モバイル英語学習」第282号(英語の豆知識)):Facts That May Surprise You!

1. Theoretically, a woman can give birth to a maximum of 69 children in her lifetime!
2. Everyday in the world there are about 12 newly born babies who are mistakenly taken by other parents!
3.China owns all the pandas in the world. If you’ve got some pandas at your local zoo, they’re probably on loan!
4.There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth!
5. Today you will forget 40% of what happened yesterday!

2014年2月26日「モバイル英語学習」第230号(英語の豆知識 ): An Animal Sound Quiz!

I often wonder why some words are easy in one language and difficult in another. For example, Japanese has a very easy word for the sounds that animals make. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is. You can use “naku” for the call of any animal. English is much more difficult. There is a different word for each kind of animal. In today’s quiz, please match the English word with the right animal sound. (by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)