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2018年11月23日「モバイル英語学習」第577号(英語のエッセイ): How Many Kinds of Seaweed Do You Eat?

seaweed 海藻;
How many kinds of seaweed do you eat? That’s a good question for people in East Asia because they use seaweed in their cooking. There are some areas of Europe and Canada where seaweed is eaten, and the Maori in New Zealand eat it, too. If you ask an American this question, however, they will probably say, “We don’t eat seaweed!” Japan has seven kinds of seaweed: konbu, wakame, nori, hijiki, mozuku, umibudo, and arame. My students always want to know how to say the names in English, but I tell them that they don’t usually have English names. They only have scientific names that no one knows. (by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2018年8月17日「モバイル英語学習」第560号(英語のエッセイ): Improving My Japanese Writing

flavor 味;
I have improved my Japanese sentences after studying some books on writing. I have to write my own sentences in a story which no one else has written. I should start like novelists such as Souseki Natsume and Yasunari Kawabata. “I am a cat” and “The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country” are two of the best examples. I have to be aware of the need for rhythm in Japanese writing, too. Some different onomatopoeias add flavor to Japanese sentences. I am Japanese, but I found that writing better Japanese is not easy. (by a reader)

2016年9月2日「モバイル英語学習」第382号(英語のエッセイ ): Different Pronunciations

I had a chance to listen to a lecture given by a Japanese scholar who speaks English well. I heard her say a word, but I couldn’t understand it. Then I realized that she had said the word “data.” I knew the word, but I didn’t understand her because she pronounced it differently. I found out that this word has three different pronunciations. I only knew one, so I was happy to learn something new. At the same time, I started to wonder if we need to know all three pronunciations when we learn English as an international language. What do you think? (written by a reader, edited by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2015年 11月29 日「モバイル英語学習」第 322 号(英語学習法 ):英語成績優秀者の声- 「e-ラーニングはとても役立った」

平成27年度島根大学外国語成績優秀者表彰式で、英語部門での10名ぐらいの成績優秀者が表彰されました。大学のHPに載せたニュースはこちら: 彼らに英語勉強法を聞いてみました!今日は法文学部の優秀者Iさんの感想を皆さんに送ります。参考にしてみてください。