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2015年2 月10日「モバイル英語学習」第360号( エッセイ ): Do We Need a Passport?

make bad use of 悪用する

We can come and go between European countries without showing our passport. I found that out when I went to Europe last September. That’s convenient for tourists. But after I came back, France had several terrible terrorist attacks, so this has become a big topic of conversation. Is it good that everyone can move so freely? Unfortunately, there are people who make bad use of this system, so I think that we need to show our passport when we go between countries in Europe. Besides, if I stay as a tourist, I want to get a stamp from each country in my passport. It will become a good memory of my trip.  (written by a reader, revised by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2013年8月29日「モバイル英語学習」第197号(エッセイ): I Have a Dream

demonstration: デモ(行進);
march: 行進,行軍;
50 years ago, more than 250,000 people went to Washington, D.C., for a demonstration. It was called the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. At that time, many black Americans couldn’t get good jobs or go to good schools like white people. Many were poor. Martin Luther King, Jr., made a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial and talked about his dream of black and white people living together in freedom. Some of his dream has come true. Many black people are getting a better education and have better jobs, but a lot of black Americans are still poor. (by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)
▽ Click here to listen to  Martin Luther King’s speech: I have a dream

2012年11月30日「モバイル英語学習」第173号(エッセイ): Elections in the world

Japan is coming up to an election, and the U.S. has just had one. There is one very big difference between the elections, however. The United States has long election campaigns. The campaign for president is probably the longest in the world. People who want to be president start campaigning two years before the election. Japan has a very short campaign. It only lasts 12 days. Most other countries have longer campaigns, but Japan’s isn’t the shortest. Singapore’s election campaign only lasts 9 days.(by Prof. Douglas Jarrell)

2011年11月14日「モバイル英語学習」第116号(エッセイ): Pensioner Riots

Notes :
riot 暴動;
frustrated with~ ~に失望した,いらいらした;
spoof video パロディービデオ;
anti-social 反社会的な;
In July 2011 the London Riots showed how young people have become frustrated with lack of job opportunities. But does rioting help their cause? Well, a gang of pensioners in London were shown on video getting drunk, spraying graffiti and vandalising cars after drinking. They were also shown throwing eggs at houses. It was a spoof video by police in the UK to show how pointless and silly anti-social behaviour really is. One of the actors in the video said; “Hopefully people will look at it and see how silly rioting and bad behaviour really is.” The video can be seen on You Tube and shows how humour can teach us many things about ourselves. (by Prof. Simon Smith)